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Our research fields

Our research is focused on the development of nanomedicines to treat inflammatory diseases (cardiovascular, neurological disease and infectious disease), with large emphasis on in vivo pre-clinical studies. In collaborations with clinicians from different hospitals or institutes in Singapore, we developed a highly translational research, and is broadly applicable to many pathological conditions. The lab specifically developed an expertise on extracellular vesicles as exosomes mimetics in eukaryote and prokaryote cells for therapeutic drug delivery or vaccines.

  • Nanomedicine & Drug delivery with nanoparticles.
  • Cells-derived nanoparticles as exosome mimetics.
  • Bacterial extracellular vesicles for vaccine and antibiotics resistance.
  • Biodistribution of nanoparticles.
Drug delivery systems

Drug delivery systems

Vaccin and antibiotics resistance

Vaccin and antibiotics resistance

Extracellular vesicles mimetics

Extracellular vesicles mimetics

Bert Lab Team’s

LAB Head

Bertrand Czarny

Research fellow

Krishna Radhakrishnan

PHD Students

Syed Abdullah


Shaun Lim Wen Zheng

Pei Qi

Lim Pei Qi

Melvin Liew


Anu Maashaa

Anu Maashaa


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More publications

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